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Scents & Blends Strawberries and Champagne Eau de Toilette

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« Before every show, I have to put perfume on. I know the crowd's not necessarily going to smell me, but when I smell good, I feel like I can dominate the room. »  -

Rita Ora 

Spray on this refreshing fragrance anytime. It delivers a playful feel around the wearer and can be worn on any occasion. Ideal for wearing alone or matching different scents. Store this mini spray in your makeup pouch for on the go use. Experience the delicate freshness of strawberries at daybreak. Discover the pleasure of bubbly champagne cocktail in this Fresh Eau de Toilette with fruity notes that leaves your skin delicately scented. Surround yourself with the fresh and subtle scent of fresh strawberries.

Perfume or eau de toilette? What's the difference?

Eau de toilette : Sometimes used to describe the same concentration as cologneeau de toilette can contain up to around 10% aromatic essence. The top notes – the first scent released by a perfume – are dominant, making it refreshing when it is applied, and it evaporates and fades away quite quickly. Eau de toilette and cologne are the most popular forms in which fragrance is sold, and are particularly appropriate for the summer. 

Perfume : Also called perfume extract or extrait, this is the most expensive version of any fragrance; it's also the most beautiful because of the whole symphony of top, heart and base notes released over a period of time. This is due to the high concentration of essences – as much as 40% by volume. Perfume is applied directly to the skin on pulse spots – insides of the wrists, behind the ears, at the throat... The average concentration of essence in a perfume is 25%, which makes it the longest lasting of all the scent categories. Only a tiny amount is needed, which is reflected in the sizes in which it is sold.

TRY AND REVIEW TIPS : Enjoy the unqiue combination of strawberries and Champagne eating cupcakes ! These strawberry champagne cupcakes are soft and moist thanks to all the pureed strawberry in the batter. The cake is not too sweet, and is just the perfect base for the creamy, tangy frosting. The sweet Pink Moscato is a fun addition which blends in effortlessly with the strawberry frosting. And of course, these also go well with the left-over bottle of Moscato. Cupcake and sparkling wine, what a pair!


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