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MOSAIC COSMETICS Mosaic Nail Polish 60

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A long-lasting and vibrant red shade for your daily and night life!

TRY AND REVIEW's TIP: How to Remove Bright Nail Polish Without Staining Your Fingers

What you'll need:

  • Cuticle oil or lip balm
  • Nail polish remover
  • A cotton ball (not a cotton pad)

How it's done: 

The method is simple. First, apply a generous layer of cuticle oil or lip balm around each nail. It'll act as a barrier, preventing the color from staining your skin when you start removing the polish. Then, you just saturate a cotton ball in nail polish remover (use one with acetone for best results), tear off small pieces—just big enough to cover each nail, place one piece on each nail, and let that layer of cotton sit on your nails for two minutes. When the time is up, take what's left of the cotton ball, press down at the base of your nail (use some pressure here), and slide it down your nail—cuticle to tip. The polish will come off in one swipe—like magic. Use a clean portion of the cotton ball for each nail. You should be able to do one hand with just two cotton balls.  


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